Our Story

LOVE, حب, AMOUR, אהבה, LIEBE, 爱


It is the story of two friends who created a brand born from the union between needs and values, a brand that offers babies-adapted articles while respecting our planet.


This is the story of two friends (Hind and Samia), two moms who, between two dance classes, during long meals and exchanges, wondered how to offer babies different shoes but adapted to respect the baby's body and the planet. The need was there, and Hind could not find how to put her first baby's shoes on. Hob was born at that moment, a marriage between a need and values. Values that are today the foundations of the brand.
Indeed, at Hob, we try to contribute to a fairer, more reasoned, more sustainable, and more united industry through different aspects: environmental, social, and craft.

Hob is today a team made up of artisans, contributors, administrators, and the latest arrival: Hajar, who, thanks to her good mood and her original ideas, manages our social networks and the digital world with a master's hand.

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In this world full of social inequalities, we cannot remain silent and passive in front of our planet, which cannot breathe anymore. So, we created HOB 2 CARE: We try modestly, at our scale and thanks to the help of our customers, suppliers, friends, and family....to lead various actions, punctual or in duration.

Social actions: collection and distribution of clothes, slippers, and toys in the cities, in the mountains.

Eco-friendly actions: beach clean-up, bird rescue...and of course, not forgetting the upcycling of fabric which is part of the brand's foundationSocial actions: collection and distribution of clothes, slippers, and toys in the cities, in the mountains.

HOB 2 CARE may be a drop in the ocean. Still, we remain convinced that it is the sum of its efforts that will allow us to leave a better world for our children


Créer, pour les enfants, des produits éthiques, esthétiques, sincères et confortables, qui racontent une véritable histoire, écrite à plusieurs mains.